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Holocaust Survivor Addresses 3,000 Prince Albert High School Students

Photo courtesy Heather Fenyes On September 17, an estimated 3,000 Prince Albert high school students attended inspiring presentations from Mr. Robert “Robbie” Waisman, Holocaust survivor and humanitarian.  Mr. Waisman…

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Annual Report 2013-2014: Collaborative Resolution, Restorative Results

When discrimination occurs, the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission seeks appropriate case resolution. A focus on mediation and pre-complaint resolution is about finding cooperative ways to address real issues. Litigation is a powerful tool, but it is no longer the Commission's only means of…

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$44,900 Queen’s Bench Judgment Against Hotel Owner-Manager For Violation of Human Rights and Sexual Harassment

The Court of Queen’s Bench found that Northwoods Inn & Suites owner-manager John Pontes sexually harassed a female hotel clerk contrary to sections 16 and 19 of The Saskatchewan Human Rights Code.   For gender-based discrimination and sexual harassment Pontes must pay the…

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Human Rights in Saskatchewan

It's the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission's job to discourage and eliminate discrimination. It does that in three ways:

  • Investigates complaints of discrimination
  • Promotes and approves equity programs
  • Educates people about human rights law in Saskatchewan

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