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About Us

Our Mission

To promote and protect the individual dignity, fundamental freedoms and equal rights of Saskatchewan citizens. The Saskatchewan Human Rights Code, 2018

Our Mandate

  • Discourage and eliminate discrimination
  • Investigate and resolve discrimination complaints quickly and effectively
  • Support and seek remedies for individuals and groups who suffer discrimination
  • Promote, approve and monitor equity programs
  • Promote research and education strategies to advance the principles of equality and diversity, and to encourage understanding of human rights issues
  • Promote leadership on human rights related public policy development and implementation
  • Promote advances in human rights legislation and protection

Our Visual Identity

Our visual identity captures the meaning and focus of our work. Graphically, it represents two intersecting (=) symbols that form a shelter under which the basic human rights of every Saskatchewan citizen are protected.

Its colours represent the three levels of human rights legislation and jurisdiction that provide this protection. The colours Green and Gold represent the Province of Saskatchewan and its Bill of Rights. Red represents Canada and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. And, Blue represents the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Together, these pieces of legislation define and protect the rights of every Saskatchewan citizen and inform our work everyday.