Getting Started


The process of becoming an Equity Partner can usually be accomplished within a few weeks. A new partner acquires SHRC approval by signing a standard-form Equity Partnership Agreement (EPA). Approving an equity program with specific equity plans may require back-and-forth discussions over a longer period of time and as determined by the needs of a partner.


  1. Contact an Equity Advisor (EA) at the SHRC. The EA will guide you through the process.
  2. Review the SHRC’s Policy on Equity Programs, to which the EPA refers. See also the SHRC’s Guidelines and Application of Policy on Equity Programs, which gives examples of what the policy means in specific situations.
  3. Prepare a request to enter an Equity Partnership Agreement (EPA), supported with statements of commitment by management and by any unions represented in the organization. In addition, employment equity plans require a workforce analysis to demonstrate the need for a plan and to establish base-line data.
  4. Work with the SHRC to prepare the standard-form EPA by filling in the blanks and provide the SHRC with your corporate logo.
  5. An organization is considered to have SHRC approval for an equity plan once the EPA is signed by the SHRC and the partner. The approval is renewable annually so long as Commission reporting requirements are met.