Equity Partner Application Process

Do you want to become a Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission Employment Equity Partner? Here is a step-by-step guide to help get you started.


Step 1 – Application

The first step in becoming an SHRC Employment Equity Partner is to send an email to [email protected].  Please address the email to an “Equity Advisor”. The Equity Advisor will answer any questions and help guide you through the process.

Step 2 –Commission Equity Policy

Review the Commission’s Policy on Equity Programs, which can be found online here.

Step 3 – Proposed Equity Plan and EPA

After you have reviewed the Policy on Equity Programs, please submit an Employment Equity Plan. The proposed plan should include:

  • Formal Statements
  • Designation of responsibility
  • Communication Strategy
  • Workforce Survey Results
  • Describe goals, Timetable and Accountability Measures
  • Recruitment and Employment Systems Analysis
  • Measures to support equity and diversity
  • Measures to improve general workforce Environment
  • Description of monitoring and evaluation methods
  • Reporting

Click here to see a sample Employment Equity Plan. When submitting a plan, remember to also submit a request to enter an Equity Partnership Agreement (EPA). This request must be supported with statements of commitment by management and by any unions represented in the organization.

STEP 4 – Commission Review

Once the Commission has received your proposed Employment Equity Plan and your request for an EPA, it will review the application. The review process will take approximately two or three weeks. After the application has been reviewed and compliance is confirmed, the Commission will send an official Equity Partnership Agreement.

STEP 5 – Sign EPA

After receiving the official EPA, please sign it, provide a company logo, and return both to the Commission. The Commission will confirm that the EPA is properly executed, then sign off on it. An organization is considered to have Commission approval for an equity plan once the EPA is signed by both the Commission and the partner. Employment Equity Partnership approval is renewable annually as long as all Commission reporting requirements are met.