Education Equity


The Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission established its K-12 equity program in 1985 in response to studies showing that up to 90% of Indigenous students left school before completing grade 12. The Commission launched education equity after conducting a community consultation summarized in its 1985 report entitled Education Equity: A Report on Indian/Native Education in Saskatchewan.

Over time, education equity has expanded to cover the needs of groups who do not receive equality of educational benefit. The Commission notes that students with disabilities and students from racialized groups/visible minorities experience systemic disadvantage in education. Students may also experience disadvantage because of gender or sexual orientation. More information on the history of the program can be found in Developing an Education Equity Plan in the K-12 Educational Context

Developing a Plan

Suggestions and help for getting started can be found in Developing an Education Equity Plan in the Pre-K to 12 Educational Context. This document discusses procedural issues and some typical components or action areas of education equity plans:

  • increasing the proportion of Aboriginal teaching and non-teaching staff;
  • increasing Aboriginal content in the curriculum;
  • increasing parental involvement in school activities;
  • reviewing school policies and practices for bias or systemic barriers;
  • providing cross-cultural and anti-racist training for teachers;
  • developing anti-discrimination policies and procedures to protect both students and staff;
  • improving the accessibility of learning environments;
  • accommodating student needs; and
  • partnership development.

Educational partners are free to add other initiatives, and are welcome to contact SHRC Education & Equity Advisors for advice on ways to develop and improve their individual plans.

Forms and Guidelines

The Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission provides education equity sponsors with guidelines and blank tables to help them prepare brief, annual progress reports.

  • “Human Rights Education – Making a Difference: A 10-Year Report on Educational Activities,” PDF
  • “Human Rights Education – Making a Difference: The Appendices,” PDF
  • “Aboriginal Educators Consultation Report,” PDF