COVID-19 and Human Rights for Business, Services, and Housing Providers

People who have contracted COVID-19 could be considered to have a disability, as defined by The Saskatchewan Human Rights Code. As such, harassment, discrimination, or other negative treatment of customers, service recipients, or housing residents who have, or are perceived to have, COVID-19 – for reasons unrelated to public health and safety – may be discriminatory and prohibited under the Code.

Services, as defined under the Code, include all businesses open to the public as well as services open to the public, such as: restaurants, hairdressers, hospitals, retail stores, malls, hotels, etc.

Housing providers include: renting a room or suite in a house, renting a home or duplex, apartment-style rental units, retirement homes, and such. Condominium corporations will also have some obligations under the Code.

Negative treatment of customers, service recipients, or housing residents who have COVID-19 may be discriminatory under the Code. In relation to COVID-19, businesses, as well as service and housing providers have a duty to accommodate individuals up to the point of undue hardship.

The Commission encourages service and housing providers to keep human rights and accommodation central in decisions related to COVID-19, as well as take precautions based on the most current advice from public health officials.

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