Women as a Designated Equity Group

(Adopted September 28, 1995)

The Commission’s Policy on Women as a Designated Equity Group is CURRENTLY UNDER REVIEW.



Women shall be considered underrepresented in occupations within an employer’s labour force if women occupy less than 45 percent of positions in those occupations.

  • Short-term goals for hiring, promoting or transferring women into such occupations shall be based on the availability of qualified or qualifiable female candidates.
  • The long-term goal shall be to achieve representation by women which matches their participation in the provincial labour force. This is currently 45 percent.

The Commission has noted inconsistencies in employers’ reports about the progress of women in their labour forces. For example:

  • Statistical reports sometimes refer to the number of women in “nontraditional” occupations and sometimes refer to occupations in which women are “underrepresented”;
  • Different employers use different definitions of underrepresentation and nontraditional; and
  • Some employers use definitions based on their own labour force while others use definitions based on the general labour force.

To establish consistency among organizations with approved programs under section 55 of The Saskatchewan Human Rights Code, the Commission has adopted the above goals and definition of underrepresentation. The Commission will no longer use the term “nontraditional” when tracking the progress of women as a designated group.