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Why Equity Works

Equity plans can be combined easily with other positive strategies for creating inclusive workplaces and learning environments. Here are some of their benefits.

  • Preferential measures lead to faster progress, and the right to use them can only be provided by an equity plan approved by the SHRC.
  • Equity plans are also anti-discrimination plans. Because of its expertise working with discrimination complaints, the SHRC can provide effective advice on ways of promoting equality and preventing discrimination.
  • Equity practitioners often seek human rights training and educational resources. The SHRC can provide educational support on harassment, the duty to accommodate, discrimination prevention and other topics which are important to the success of equity, diversity and representative workforce programs.
  • The SHRC equity program is a comprehensive, well-developed program that can address the needs of all equity groups or any combination of them. Within a plan focusing on one equity group, equity can address particular barriers experienced by sub-groups. For example, a plan designed for Aboriginal people can address the particular challenges faced by Aboriginal women and Aboriginal persons with disabilities.