Each year March 8 is recognized in Saskatchewan and around the world as International Women’s Day. This year’s theme - I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights – calls attention to the fact that, despite some progress, real change and true equality has been excruciatingly slow for women and girls.

Women and girls continue to experience higher rates of violence than men, hold fewer elected seats, have less access to decision-making and leadership roles, and continue to earn less than their male counterparts – around the world and here at home.

In Saskatchewan:

  • We have a substantial entrepreneurial gender gap;
  • Women are less likely to find employment compared to men;
  • We have the third highest wage gap in Canada, with women earning $4.88 less than men per hour; and
  • We have one of the highest rates of police-reported violence against girls and young women in the country, especially in Northern Saskatchewan where the violent crime rate against girls and young women under the age of 24 is 13,886 victims per 100,000 people.

As a province, we can do better. We must do better.

International Women’s Day is a day of unity and reflection, as well as a day of advocacy and action. To advance gender parity, we must act. We must be intentional, involved, and inclusive. We must work together to ensure women’s rights are advanced and protected.

Collectively, we can help create a gender equal province, country, and world.