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First Ever Courageous Conversations Forum

November 22, 2016

On Tuesday, November 15, the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission, the Concentus Citizenship Education Foundation, and the Saskatchewan Educational Leadership Unit held a first ever Courageous Conversations forum in Saskatoon. The focusing question for the all day event was, “What responsibility do you, others, and your organization play in building a stronger, inclusive Saskatchewan?”

Community leaders, educators, and students responded by citing the need for efforts to increase awareness about the issues that are shaping our community. Chief Commissioner David Arnot challenged participants to support inclusion and foster belonging. He observed that, “we must invest in our education systems to keep multiculturalism alive.”

Heather Fenyes, a cofounder of Think Good. Do Good. noted that “when we break down any conversation, any relationship, or any opportunity, we always should go to shared values. There are very few instances where we can’t identify shared values.”

Above: e-Journalism students from Aden Bowman Collegiate created an extensive online blog with excerpts, audio clips, video interviews, and their own reflections. Click on the image above to see their student perspectives video.

Dr. Joel Westheimer, professor, educator and author, observed that, “we want kids to be able to get good jobs, and to have good education… schools have to be about more than just that, they have to be about teaching kids to explore the ways they can contribute to our communities, and to become the best version of themselves.”