Accessible Transportation Advocacy

In the fall of 2012, the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission received intake inquiries about perceived systemic discrimination relating to transportation services provided to persons with disabilities in the City of Regina.

In order to determine the scope of these concerns, the Commission consulted with individuals and stakeholder organizations in the community. Those efforts resulted in a report recommending change in five broad areas of concern: transit/Paratransit, taxi services, barrier free access, training, and compliance with The Saskatchewan Human Rights Code.

  • Achieving Equivalent, Comparable, and Accessible Public Transportation in the City of Regina: A Report to Stakeholders” – HTML, PDF

In May 2013, stakeholder organizations, the City of Regina, and the Commission agreed to work together to find constructive ways to address the broad areas of concern. An advisory committee was established and the participants met on regular basis to consider actions that would address specific issues. Sub-committees were tasked with writing possible solutions for the five areas of concern.

One year later, the advisory committee prepared a consolidated report of the work of the sub-committees. This report provides 19 specific actions to help improve transportation for people with disabilities in the City of Regina over the next four years. The Advisory Committee meets biannually to review progress and offer feedback.

  • “Regina Accessible Transportation Stakeholder Advisory Committee Recommendations May 2014” – HTML, PDF