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Mediation Achieves Resolution For Transgender Woman’s Complaint

September 11, 2013

The Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission (SHRC) is pleased to announce that a mediated settlement has been achieved in a complaint of discrimination based on sex/gender.  On April 21, 2013 a business owner infringed Section 12 of The Saskatchewan Human Rights Code by denying a transgender woman service. The complaint was successfully resolved after the completion of a series of mediation sessions between the parties.

“Timely mediation is an effective tool in resolving complaints,” said David Arnot, Chief Commissioner of the SHRC.  “When both parties are willing to participate in the process, complainants and respondents are in a position to move forward rather than prolong the matter.”

In lieu of any settlement payment to the complainant, the business owner agreed to provide a personal financial contribution to two local charities. Typically, and where resolution involves a financial obligation, money is paid to a complainant often as a recognition of damage to dignity or, sometimes, for lost income.

“Exploring opportunities for education, and fostering mutual understanding, are a part of appropriate case resolution under the SHRC’s re-focused mandate.  Working with businesses and employers to better understand their role is an important function of the work that we do,” said Arnot.

While the outcomes of most mediated agreements remain confidential, the details about this particular case are being released in accordance with the terms of the settlement and at the discretion of the Chief Commissioner as permitted under Section 28(3) of the Code.