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New Commissioner Appointment

January 25, 2011

The Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission today announced the appointment of Nasser Malik of Saskatoon as its newest Commissioner. He has been appointed for a five-year term.

David Arnot, Chief Commissioner of the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission, welcomed the appointment and the fresh perspective Malik will bring to the Commission’s work.

“Mr. Malik will make an important contribution to our discussions and deliberations, particularly given his community roots, cultural background and his experience as a newcomer to Canada,” Arnot said. “The diversity of Saskatchewan should be reflected in the work of the Commission. We welcome his appointment as part of our ongoing effort to serve the interests of all Saskatchewan citizens.

Malik and his family immigrated to Canada 25 year ago from Pakistan and have lived in Saskatchewan since 2006. He currently works as a supervisor at PotashCorp’s Cory mine operation and volunteers within Saskatoon’s Ahmadiyya Muslim community – a movement that spans 190 countries and promotes tolerance and peace. He holds a degree in applied science and engineering from the University of Toronto and various professional certifications.

“Through my appointment and work on the Commission, I hope to continue to promote themessages of peace, equal rights and respect for differences,” Malik said. “The Commission is a vehicle to promote these values and encourage open dialogue and education. I am honoured by this appointment and eager to make a contribution.”

Nasser Malik joins Paul Favel Q.C., Jan Gitlin and Barry Wilcox Q.C. who were appointed to the Commission in June 2011 and Mike Bacon who was appointed in January 2009.

“These new faces and voices are bringing fresh energy to the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission,” said Arnot. “Through them, and the efforts of our administrative team, we are revitalizing and modernizing the Commission to better serve the people of our province.”

For more information, contact:

Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission

David Arnot
Chief Commissioner
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