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Mediation achieves resolution for racial discrimination complaint

The Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission is pleased to announce that a settlement has been reached in a complaint of discrimination based on ancestry and race. On December 10, 2014, Regina Police Service officers used force to detain Mr. Simon Ash-Moccasin while investigating a call. Mr.…

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Mosaic Stadium: a monument to accessibility

Most people in Saskatchewan know the Roughriders’ home opener is this Friday at Mosaic Stadium. What they may not know, however, is that the new stadium in a shining example of accessibility in Canada. Prior to Mosaic’s grand opening, the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission heard from…

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Saskatchewan Court allows removal of gender from birth certificates

Saskatchewan has become the first jurisdiction in Canada where the Court has ordered the provincial government to allow for the removal of gender markers on birth certificates.   Currently, the Northwest Territories along with Newfoundland and Labrador allow for non-binary markers on birth…

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Human Rights in Saskatchewan

It's the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission's job to discourage and eliminate discrimination. It does that in three ways:

  • Investigates complaints of discrimination
  • Promotes and approves equity programs
  • Educates people about human rights law in Saskatchewan

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