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Policy – Use of Preferred First Name and Pronouns by Students

September 8, 2023

The Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission has become aware of stakeholder concerns regarding the recent policy of the Ministry of Education entitled “The Use of Preferred First Name and Pronouns by Students.”

The Saskatchewan Human Rights Code, 2018 prohibits discrimination and harassment based on gender identity. Freedom of expression is also protected under the provisions of the Code.

The Commission has not determined whether the new policy complies with the Code. However, the Commission has been requested to review the Ministry’s recent policy. Based on the information received, the circumstances meet the required threshold for review.

A review of the Ministry of Education policy will be done pursuant to the Commission’s mandate under the Code requiring the Commission to pursue measures to address alleged systemic patterns of discrimination.

It is the policy of the Commission to work systemically with stakeholders to reach amicable resolutions to issues wherever possible. Over time, the Commission has developed a detailed process for systemic review which includes research, investigation, and stakeholder consultation.

The Commission will reach out to stakeholders, including the Ministry of Education, teachers, parents, school boards and others. The Commission expects this work to begin in 2023.